Top 10 Best Skateboard Wheels Review 2017

Skateboarding is a game of youth and protection is the key thing that should be kept in mind. You may like to skate rashly today, but, the best appeal of skateboarding is in its swiftness and subtle tricks that people can perform. You may want to be best in the park, but you do need to keep in mind about the gears that go to your skateboard, as you will choose helmets, shoes and other protections. The best way to amplify the performance of your skateboard is by choosing correct wheels. You have to pick best wheels according to your skateboarding environment and style.

The steps to choose the right kind of wheels can be found anywhere online, but you have to keep in mind about the hardness of the wheels, the size of the wheels according to your need. The wheels are needed for you to perform better and also to keep you in balance. As of buying you will always find several options which can be overwhelming. So, we have made it a tad easier for you by listing 10 skateboarding wheels that you may try on your next wheel change.

10. Tiger Boards 59mm Skateboard Wheels 78a (4 Pack)

A beloved product of skateboarder who has been replacing wheels for a while now! The best kind of wheels that will allow you to move your city with the ease and you wouldn’t feel it hindering in your journey. These wheels are made super soft for you to keep moving. They are perfect for people who love to longboard. Your cruising experience will be enhanced a lot after using these wheels.


  • Super soft wheels which make them great for cruising
  • Comes in attractive colors to make the skateboards look bright.
  • Provides a smooth ride with adequate balance.


  • Doesn’t come with bearings.


9. Choice Skateboard 99a Wheels

A great bundle of wheels with the right hardness and diameter to let you perform street skating! They have a 50mm diameter which makes them apt for skating that includes performing tricks, and the wheels will be easy to get off the ground. You will be satisfied with the product by performing great ollies and flip tricks. You can easily keep these wheels for the days when you have a stunt performance with your friends, and it will provide your boards with the extra mobility.


  • Apt hardness for performing tricks.
  • Comes in a variety of colors.
  • Very Affordable without compromising the quality.


  • Doesn’t come with bearings.
  • Wears down fairly quick.

8. Bones STF Street Tech Formula Skateboard V4 Wheels

One of the hardest wheels available in the market, these wheels comes in a pack of 4 with diameters of 52mm and a hardness of 83 B. The wheels are technologically made for you to hit the streets. They will be perfect to perform stunts. These wheel will maintain resistance even in the swiftest motion. The hardness of the wheels belongs to B scale which makes it extra special.


  • 83 B hardness which will make it great for uneven terrain skateboarding.
  • The wheels are great for performing stunts
  • Enhanced quality and designed perfectly


  • Doesn’t come with bearings

7. Spitfire Classic Series High-Performance Skateboard Wheel

These will make your skateboard look cool, and your friends will become a fan of you. The wheels come in a size of 50mm and have true 99 durometers which make them hard. They are great for power sliding and others tricks that you may like to perform.


  • The Hardness provided is appropriate for stunts.
  • The company provides guarantee against defects.
  • The wheels are hand poured and shaped to provide good quality.


  • Bearings not provided.
  • No color

6. Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels

Made from best quality polyurethane these wheels are made for everyone. The company caters to sizes from 48mm to 63mm for stunt lovers to cruise lovers. This will give you the speed that you always wanted. Perfect balance is maintained as the wheels have an enhanced design. These wheels will allow you to maintain the balance and cancel off the unnecessary friction often faced while using other wheels.


  • The company offers a variety of sizes.
  • The wheels are made to have a Superior Quality.
  • Quite Fast wheels that will help in cruising.


  • Not very hard as per some may like.

5. UGIN Classic The Wolf Series Skateboard Wheels

The wheels are made from high resilient PU which makes them durable and also avoid accidents. The hardness of these wheels is 95 A, and they are 52 mm in size. The composition is perfect for skateboarders who prefer street performance and tricks. They can be used in asphalt as well as ramps and hand-pipes.


  • The wheels are versatile which makes it easier for the skateboarder.
  • They are made to be Durable.
  • Looks beautiful and attractive when fitted.


  • Do not come with bearings.


4. Bones Wheels Rough Riders 80a Skateboard Wheels, Green, 56mm

Bones is quite the renowned company in the skateboarding world. They make durable wheels that can tolerate the hard street floor, and that can withstand superb trick performances. But by this wheel, they have kept in mind the people who take cruising seriously. This wheel pack will make others drool as they are so attracting. The 80A durometer makes it best for using as atransport.


  • The enhanced Soft wheels are perfect for cruising.
  • Not too large to avoid inconsistency.
  • Great for using with longboards.


  • Cannot be used for performing tricks.

3. Shark Wheel 78a Ghost Formula Clear

These are the wheels that must be every skateboarder’s dream. The wheels are to be splurged on if you are really passionate about skateboarding. These wheels are made with perfection and unique technology which not only looks good but makes them perform better than many wheels in the market. This even come pre-fitted with bearings so that you do not have to buy them separately.  These are great for rougher terrains and claim to be the best among all. They come in a size of 70mm. You will be able to cruise through your town or city without any tension at all.


  • Great for using in uneven terrains and helps keep your balance.
  • Reduces friction making you move faster.
  • Comes with inbuilt bearings.
  • They ride very smooth.


  • Can be a little large for some people’s liking.
  • Quite expensive for wheels.

2. Sector 9 Slide Butterballs Longboard Wheels – 70mm 80a

Wheels specially formed for the longboards so that you can slide down the streets with ease. These are made soft so that you can cruise all day long. You can easily use at an easy transportation through the city. The wheels are also great for professional cruisers as they will like the design and feel that these wheels provide. If you have to replace the wheels of your favorite longboard, these will have the perfect options. You can power slide and perform cruiser tricks with ease when the wheels are on.


  • Designed specially to be fitted with longboards.
  • Designed from premium quality materials.
  • Great for cruising.


  • Doesn’t include bearings.

1. Spitfire Classics Skateboard Wheels – 55mm 99a

The perfect wheels to be used in a skate park with your friends. These wheels fall into the recommended requirements for the best wheels to be used in parks and to perform tricks and still will provide the greater mobility. These are wheels that should always be kept on hand for practice sessions. The wheels have the perfect hardness that allows it to be used on Asphalt and pebbled terrains. The wheels will enhance your mobility and will let you perform tricks with greater ease. They are built in such a way that they wouldn’t wear out very soon.


  • Made in such a way that they will last longer.
  • Keeps you in balance even in rough terrains.
  • Great to be used in ramps and hand-pipes.
  • Attractive look.


  • Bearings have to be bought separately.
  • Only available in white.

Here is the list that we have prepared for you to choose the perfect wheels that you may need for the next skateboarding meet. Keeping appropriate wheels with one is very important as you never know which accident you can meet with while using the board. Along with safe wheels, one needs to use knee pads and arm pads and also a strong helmet. Research well before going with any wheel because they are a major part of the skateboard.Also, keep in mind if your skateboard wheels will take these wheels or you may need to buy wheels from the brand of the skateboard. Be safe and enjoy skateboarding by buying a great set of skateboarding wheels.

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