Top 10 Best Mosquito Killer of 2017

Till date, many of us have passed sleepless nights silently just because of a very small yet most annoying insect, Mosquitoes!! Gone are the days of taking refuge under mosquito nets and applying mosquito repellent cream before going to bed. Now you have smarter way to kill these monsters in handier way.

Mosquito killers have become highly popular and in demand these days in proportion to the increasing population of the mosquitoes.

You are in the right place as we have shortlisted top 10 best mosquito killers of the year.

1Hoont Powerful Electronic Indoor Bug Zapper Check Price
2WILDJUE Bug Zapper Electronic Insect KillerCheck Price
3Burgess 1443 Propane Insect FoggerCheck Price
4Electronic Indoor Killer Zapper from AspectekCheck Price
5Flowtron Electronic Insect KillerCheck Price
6ThermaCell Cordless Portable Mosquito KillerCheck Price
7Pest Sentry 20W Electronic Bug Zapper Check Price
8NK63 Solar Powered UV Mosquito ZapperCheck Price
9Stinger Rechargeable Insect ZapperCheck Price
10Huluwa Mosquito Killer Check Price

1. Hoont Powerful Electronic Indoor Bug Zapper

The ultimate mosquito killing option that you can get to the market is this Hoont Powerful Electronic Indoor Bug Zapper. Just use it in your house, office space or in the yard, you would completely forget that there were any bugs ever. A number of advanced as well as user-friendly features make this equipment grab a higher position in the top 10 list.

  • Easy to clean non-clogging grid helps keep it clean.
  • The round open design helps in the spreading of light in all directions.
  • Covers a large area up to 600 sq feet.
  • Comes with a detachable ring designed exclusively for hanging high up out of the reach of children and pets.

2. WILDJUE Bug Zapper Electronic Insect Killer

Pests are never welcome may it be indoor or outdoor. Kill them smartly without the use of any harmful chemicals with the brand new WILDJUE Bug Zapper Electronic Insect Killer. You have to just plug into a socket and start vanishing the insects in just no time. This mosquito killing machine is very easy to use with just no side effects on humans or other living beings.

  • Works without any use of chemicals, traps or sprays.
  • Works on plugin only to normal household outlets and works with noise that is normally inaudible to human and pets.
  • Plays effective role up to 80-120 sq meters.

3. Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger

When you have planned for an outdoor party with your friends and family the first task you need to do is a brisk pest control of your favourite lawn. Nothing could be better than killing bugs and pests with the help of a machine like the Burgess 1443 Propane Insect Fogger. For an effective and fastest bug control that too as same as professional pest control. This particular device is getting immense popularity among the outdoor party enthusiasts.

  • The professional mechanism used for pest control.
  • Gives bugs and insects protection up to long 6 hours.
  • Reserves the capacity to reduce the insecticides to microscopic particles that are 7 times finer than mist.
  • Highly portable and convenient in use.
  • Comes with a lock trigger facility that can be switched off when not in use.

4. Aspectek 20W Electronic Bug Zapper

Don’t go by the looks, this traditional looking mosquito killer machine is highly efficient in killing stubborn insects at a single go. More efficient than most of the traditional mosquito killers, the Electronic Indoor Killer Zapper from Aspectek reserves the capacity of killing insects belonging to any family flying up to a range of 6000 square feet. So, how big your house may be, you can bequeath the task of killing insects completely tension free on this gadget.

Top features

  • No flying object is left unattended since the machine is supported by a high power 10V watt UV light system
  • It is completely safe to be used for all types of commercial as well as domestic spaces.

5. Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer

The name Flowtron is a brand in itself when it comes to the list of electronic devices for killing Insects. This particular device is highly popular in its category just because of its efficiency in killing not only mosquitoes but any kind of bugs as well at any corner of your yard. So, having this item for your outdoor bugs killing is sure to keep your entire family free from mosquito bites even when they are on the lawn relaxing and playing on a holiday.

Top features:

  • It works over an area of a ½ acre.
  • The device is also protected from sudden short circuit
  • 100% environment-safe and does not flare up easily.
  • Since the electrical grid is concealed your pets and kids are absolutely safe.
  • It comes with replaceable cartridge and a removable catching tray

6. ThermaCell Cordless Portable Mosquito Killer

This is one of the handiest and easy to use mosquito-killing machines that come in a portable hand held device. It has no chord which provides you the facility to move around with it wherever you find more insects breeding in your house. The unique design is sure to grab your attention and compel you to purchase it without any second thought.

Top Features:

  • No harmful sprays or oils.
  • It extends protection up to 15 feet.
  • It is highly lightweight and most portable of all others in the category.
  • No odor, no DEET and absolutely silent operating.

7. Pest Sentry 20W Electronic Bug Zapper

7. Pest Sentry 20W Electronic Bug Zapper

This is a machine that could give you a value for every penny spent. The sleek modern design of this particular machine is also going to give complete justification to your home decor. This machine is designed in a unique way that eliminates UV light from all 4 sides and highly effective in killing mosquitoes as well as other biting insects.

Top Features

  • Kills and eliminates mosquitoes with an effective 2000W grid.
  • The 2 meters long power cable reduces the use of unnecessary dangling extension cords.
  • Child safe and pet safe UV light.

8. NK63 Solar Powered UV Mosquito Zapper

This Zapper Mosquito killer is highly effective in killing mosquito and any kind of insects within a very short span of time. When you want to get instant relief from mosquitoes and insects disturbing your sleep, you have this best option named NK63 Solar Powered UV Mosquito Zapper at your service. You can rely on this machine with eyes closed since the latest sensor technology is always alert on any insect invasion into your sweet home. The ultimate feature of this mosquito killer machine is it being Solar supportive which helps you in saving quite a considerable amount of energy for you.

Top Features:

  • Keeps the locality illuminated with its 8 LED bulbs.
  • It is supported by its integrated solar panel that saves on electricity to a great extent.
  • Latest sensor technology used to catch and kill the most annoying insects around you.
  • Covering a huge area of 3000 square feet is not a big deal for this huge mosquito killer machine available to make your big home mosquito free.

9. Stinger Rechargeable Insect Zapper

For those, portability is a factor and has to carry a mosquito killer to a position where there would be no charging point available, this particular machine could be immense beneficial since it comes with a rechargeable battery. Charge once and use at any corner of your room at ease, it is equally effective in its task. All insects big or small within a range of 600-650 square feet of this machine will meet death without fail.

Top features:

  • It is easy and convenient at work since it is supported by a rechargeable battery that also helps in making the machine portable.
  • It is capable of running up to 3.5 hours away from electricity plug-in with the help of rechargeable battery.
  • This machine is backed with black UV light system that enables it to attract and kill 40-50% more insects than traditional ones.

10. Huluwa Mosquito Killer Electronic Photocatalyst Mosquito Killer Lamp

When you are looking for something that is eco-friendly at the same time leaves no mosquito alive to bite the little ones then the best option is this Huluwa Mosquito Killer Electronic Photocatalyst Mosquito Killer Lamp. This device is famous for its eco-friendly nature, unique design, silent and effective at work and cleaner indoors.  The unique LED design spreads its effect to 20-50 square meters area killing all insects coming within this range.

Top Features:

  • Three-in-one machine acts as mosquito killer, air purifier and nigh lamp.
  • No baits or refill required in this ultra-low noise and odor free mosquito killer machine.
  • Fully eco-friendly and safe for pregnant women and infants.

Mosquito killing machines buying guide

A better knowledge about the various parts of a mosquito killer machine would help you to make a wiser decision.

  • Light Bulb: This is the LED or UV bulb that works in the attracting of the mosquitoes to kill them instantly.
  • Transformer: The device that helps in the electrification of the wires is this transformer.
  • Screens or Wire grids: The machine works by electrocuting the mosquitoes and this work is done by the Screens or Wire grids.
  • Housing: The lantern, rectangular cubed or cylindrical shaped body of the equipment which actually holds the other body parts of the machine in it is commonly known as the housing. This is mainly made of electrically grounded metal or plastic to resist any kind of shock effect.


The mosquito-killing machines are not cheap at all and you are not likely to buy it very often, so before you make the purchase decision you must be careful in selecting the right machine for you and your family. Here the below-mentioned points are sure to prove highly beneficial in your procedure of buying the best mosquito killer machine for you.

Check the effectiveness of the Machine

When you are pissed off with the growing population of the mosquitoes then the last resort for you would be left to kill them professionally. For managing them professionally you need to depend upon a mosquito killing machine that is effective in its work. When you are spending a considerable amount on a particular product you need to be very sure about the effectiveness of the machine.

In this respect, you need to make sure that the machine should be able to kill at least one stage of mosquitoes at first contact only. You here need to check for the residual activity of the machine you intend to buy since; they are highly capable of killing all the developmental stages of mosquitoes on immediate contact.

Look for the ease to use

The process of mosquito killing is itself a very taxing process, a difficult to use machine can lower the efficiency as well as the effectiveness of it. So, you must be particular to choose one that has an easy method of use without many complications in handling.

The other factor associated with this that you need to check as well is the storage. It should be capable of being carried wherever you go and its hanging option is going to serve as an added advantage to it. Since the equipment is electricity run many a time, it should also be easy to administer for effectiveness.

Modus operandi

While selecting your mosquito killing machine you need to first understand properly the area where you need to apply the procedure. Is it your outdoor yard or your indoor space that needs to be freed from mosquitoes is a matter of concern. This will decide on the matter whether you need outdoor or indoor equipment, a chemical based or a shock based mechanism.

Shock-based machines use electric shocks to kill mosquitoes and other insects which are best ones for indoors since they are odorless and silent, while, chemical based machines can be used for bigger spaces like yards and outdoors which spray out pungent smelling chemicals to kill mosquitoes.

Is the machine eco-friendly?

On the arising of the idea of bugs elimination, the first thing that bothers us is its effect on the environment. It is always advisable to keep this point in mind while selecting a mosquito killer as well. The chemicals that are used in killing the bugs are mostly harmful and contain DDT and other substances that produce immense harm both on human and other living beings. So, an alert eye on this issue would be beneficial in terms of environment protection.

Pyrethrin based chemicals are less harmful and can be considered when you have a preference towards chemical-based mosquito-killing machines or sprays. You should also check with the fact that the chemicals are not effective for a longer period.

How is the storage unit?

There are numerous incidents of children consuming pesticides or mosquito repellent reported worldwide till date. So, you should take special care on selecting a mosquito killer that prevents the kids from touching or getting harmed by it anyways. Here at this point, you need to check that the container is tight and leak-proof. Is your machine suitable for storing away chemicals and insect remains from kids or pets since you cannot compromise the safety of your family at any cost?

While purchasing the equipment you also need to be careful about the brand and the basic elements used or the use of toxic chemicals if any.


Mosquito killer machines come in a wide range. You must be wise enough to make a decision between practical choice and choice made on impulse. How much you would be able to spend on this home essential can be decided by none other than but you. The most expensive mosquito killers are not always the best as everybody assumes. So, you must do a complete research including the monetary aspect of the equipment as well. If you have a fixed budget you should not get influenced by the sales person rather stick to your set budget as far as possible.


All the different kinds of mosquito-killing machines are now available online side by side to numerous physical stores. This above-mentioned buying guide is prepared exclusively for you to help gain more confidence while purchasing.

Above all you need to keep in mind that mosquitoes are smarter, you blink twice and they are gone. So, purchasing of the equipment should not be taken as a child’s play at all.