Top 10 Best Gun Safe Under $1000 Dollars

Being a gun owner requires a lot of responsibility. You can’t just leave this powerful weapon lying in a drawer – especially not when you have kids who don’t know what it is!

I’ve heard so many horror stories of kids accidentally shooting other kids because they thought the gun was a toy, So be a responsible citizen and get yourself the best gun safe under $1000 dollars.

Don’t worry, The best gun safe for the money shouldn’t break the bank.

I scoured the market for the best gun safe under 1000 dollars that you can invest on. The following products met my lofty expectations:

Best Gun Safe Under $1000 Dollars You Should Consider Buying

Mesa MBF 5922E

Constructed with complete 12 gauge steel and 5⅛” thick door, it gives you a fire safe security. The safe is tested for sixty minutes to a temperature up to 1750 degree Fahrenheit. The safe is 59 inches in height, 22 inches wide, 20 inches deep and weighs 528 pounds. It offers ample space for storage to store up to 14 guns.

It features electronic lock and punches activated relocking powered by a battery. The exterior is elegant with the work of brass and four spoke brass handle.

Bluedot Second Amendment Fire-Resistant Gun Safe

Built with 12 gauge steel, dimensioning 59x36x25 inches, Bluedot weighs 650lb. It’s a flexible storage organizer that supports three large and four small racks to store your gun, accessories, document and other valuables. The complete interior space is lined with gray carpet fabric. The back side of door supports pocket zipper bags to keep knives or accessories.

It has a two-way locking system with nine live and five fixed bolts. The electronic lock uses UL tested “SecuRam” key-pad. Also, the whole safe is fire safe to a temperature up to 1700 degree Fahrenheit. There is also a spring-loaded relocking device that activates automatically in case of any punching attack.

SnapSafe Titan

Sleek and tall, SnapSafe makes use of 7 gauge steel with eight, 3/4” chrome steel bolts for locking. The complete setup weighs around 388 lbs. It also supports “Non-Breach Seal” protection on the hinge side of the door. The set-up is fire safe up 2300 degree Fahrenheit for sixty minutes. Its digital lock uses UL listed ‘SecuRam’ keypad as employed in Bluedot Second Amendment.

The interior is lined with soft fabric. There is space for 12 long rifles in the full shelf. While there are four small shelves to store short guns and accessories. Its exterior is a powder coated with fine black color.

BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

It’s one of the sleekest and tall safe with a height of 52 inches, length 8.6 inches and width 9.8 inches.

It uses a biometric lock that can store up to 120 different fingerprints that makes it quite quick and much reliable. There are six mounting points at the back side of the safe. Thus, you can attach it to a wall or mount on a flat floor. The safe can store up to four long guns and accessories. You also get a one year warranty with this safe.

Stack-On Fire Resistant Gun Safe

Stack-On is a sturdy built, 414.7 Pounds gun safe. It can hold up to 24 big guns. There are four adjustable height shelves that give you the much-needed ability for customization. Its patented barrel rest standoffs let you place and organize your weapons easily. Also, its interior is fully carpeted.

The safe is fire safe to bear a temperature of 1400 degree Fahrenheit up to 30 minutes. It features 3-number combination lock backed by a hardened steel plate. After the door is unlocked, the traditional brass wheel operates the three live bolts.

Sentry Safe

It’s a sleek and compact gun safe like BARSKA. The safe measures 46.9 inches in height and 8.8 inches in length and width. You can store one long rifle and one short gun (or accessories) on the top rack.

The safe features a programmable electronic lock. There is also an override key for an emergency. Its innovative corner gives ample space for accessing your gun in it. You get a 1-year warranty on the safe.

Steelwater Heavy Duty Gun Safe

Built with 12 gauge steel composite it’s a super secure gun safe with a weight of 425 Pounds. It has a spring loaded relocking bolt to counter any burglary attack. The locking system includes a digital keypad with a bypass key and three spoked hand wheel. And the locking mechanism is backed by eight times larger drill resistant hard plate.

The two compartment storage space can accommodate up to 10 long guns. There are additional four adjustable racks and a top shelf to store other valuables. The safe can bear a maximum temperature of 1550 degree Fahrenheit up to 45 minutes.

Winchester 14 Gun Safe

This American made gun safe give you ample space to the house around 14 long guns and other valuables. It weighs 312 Pounds and is fire safe tested up to 45 minutes to 1400 degree Fahrenheit.

The external hinges on door 180-degree door opening. It employs mechanical lock with hard steel plate protection.

Liberty Safe Re24-bktf Revolution 24 Flex Gun Safe

Measuring 59.5″x28.25″x22″ with a weight of 360 pounds, it’s a sturdy and voluminous gun safe. It can store around 20 long rifle and other essentials in its movable rack.

The safe gives you fire safe protection up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. This US made gun safe looks impressive in glossy black hue.

AMSEC TF5517E5 Electronic Lock Gun Safe

Weighing around 286 Pounds AMSEC TF5517E5 is a strong gun safe. It can stand at the temperature of 1200 degree Fahrenheit for 30 minutes.

The safe uses electronic lock backed by drill resistant hard plate. There are three deadbolts and five active chrome bolt of 1 inch. You can place 10 to 12 long guns and various accessories in it. The interior uses the fine mocha fabric covering while the exterior is textured black. Its ample space gives you the ability to customize with various racks and holders.