Top 10 Best Acoustic Electric Guitars Review 2017

The Acoustic Electric guitars have really come a very long way from where they have started. Earlier, if one would want to play acoustic electric guitars on stage, then they would have to sit stationary without moving an inch, in front of the microphone. Later, the microphones were put inside the acoustic guitar, and this solved the problem of having to sit stationary. The sound that came out from these guitars was really very good. Later, the piezo pickup had been invented, and soundmen heaved sighs of relief. There are a number of acoustic guitars to select from, but it is important to select from the wide range of acoustic guitars in order to grab the position on stage.

Given below are lists of the top ten acoustic-electric guitars that are currently ruling the market.

Martin Road Series DRS1


The Martin DRS1 Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar has marked the return of the most famous series of Martin Road. It was introduced originally in the year 2001, and it was designed mainly for those guitarists who had been working or had to travel. The guitars were available for modest budgets. Guitarists who wanted their guitars to be durable and also not compromise with the quality of sound should go for the Martin Road Series DRS1. The top sides, back, and the sides are made up of sapele that is solid and the guitar braces not only resonance but also projection. The neck is built very intricately with Strata bond in order to give extra rigidity as well as durability to the guitar. A 9 Volt battery powers the guitar, and it also comes with an endpin jack.


Takamine GN93CE-NAT



The guitar features a very sleek and a curvaceous body, and it has solid top along with a back construction that is special which aids in giving the guitar a very upscale feeling as well as a sound that is distinctive. Guitarists, who are looking for guitars that perform greatly and also have an extremely refined look, this guitar has it all. It has a very slim mahogany neck, and the fingerboard is made up of rosewood which gives a great and beautiful feel to the guitar.

Dean Exotica Cocobolo Acoustic Electric Guitar



The Dean Exotica Cocobolo Acoustic Electric Guitar is crafted by the hands and has an amazing Cocobolo body, with a mahogany neck and a fingerboard of rosewood. This is one of the most amazing guitars that are available, and it is also very affordable. The cutaway body enables in giving the guitarists a complete access to the fingerboards.

Yamaha FGX720SC Acoustic-Electric Guitar



The Yamaha FGX720SC guitar has a cutaway body, midrange frequency control that can be adjusted along with built-in chromatic tuners. The guitar is one of the best choices of the guitarists, and it is available in colors Black, Natural finishes or even Brown Sunburst. Whether the guitar is played acoustically or they are plugged in, the sound quality is absolutely fantastic. The quality of the materials, the construction that was outstanding, along with the most stunning value makes it very difficult for a guitarist to miss out on this product.


Jameson Guitars Blue Full-SizeThinlineAcoustic-ElectricGuitar



The Jameson Guitars are one of the best acoustic electric guitars, and they are preferred by guitarists all over the world. The guitar has an excellent sound whether they are plugged in or played acoustically. Since they do not come in very high ranges, they fall in the list of the most preferred guitars by the top guitarists in the world. The guitar is of full size and the body built makes it easier for the adults to play and it is even very easy for the young players as well.

Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Epiphone is one of the oldest and most popular instrument makers. Epiphone has been making a number of instruments for various music styles. The Epiphone PR-4E also tops the list among the best guitars and guitarists prefer this brand when they get up on the stage. The amazing sound quality of the guitars makes it the best among all the other acoustic electric guitars.

Taylor 114e

The guitar has a grand shape that makes it easier for the guitarists to play whether they are experienced or not. The Taylor 114e offer extra resilience to the climatic conditions that fluctuate. They are the best guitars in full size, and they are not very costly. They perform very nicely and hence top the list of the best ten guitars.

Fender FA-135CE Cutaway Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The guitar has a concert finished body along with polyurethane top and is laminated with a spruce bracing. It is very easy for not only the professional guitarists but also the amateur ones who have just started playing guitar. The guitars are extremely affordable and are among the best acoustic electric guitars in the world.

Yamaha FGX700SC Solid Top Acoustic-Electric Guitar



The FGX700SC acoustic electric guitar has all the features that an amazing guitar should have. The guitar is available in a very high and glossy finish. Whether the guitar is played acoustically or even plugged in, the guitar sounds really amazing. The materials are of extremely good quality, construction that is outstanding, and it also has a stunning value which makes the guitar the best in the world.

Ovation AB24A-4 Acoustic Guitar



This guitar has a very loud as well as a focused voice, that offers a playability that is supreme and has a remarkable value which makes this guitar the best for the beginners who have just started to learn guitar, as well as the intermediate players. It has great volume projection, an excellent balance and a durability that is supreme. One can enjoy a very fast and a neck profile that is very easy to play.

The acoustic-electric guitars have captured the market with their charm, and almost all the leading bands make use of these guitars instead of the normal ones as they have excellent sound qualities. The best part about these guitars is that they respond equally well when they are played acoustically or when they are plugged. The built-in microphone helps in enhancing the sound quality, making the guitars more efficient. People, who are just learning how to play guitars, also get comfortable with the acoustic-electric guitars as they are easy to play. The strings in the guitars are responsible for producing the vibrations, which helps in producing the sounds. Guitar learning is one of the best hobbies that one take up, and additionally, if they wish to be part of a music band, it is a necessity to get used to the acoustic electric guitars as well. The guitars listed above are the best in the market, and if you are a guitarist, it is recommended that you definitely go for one of them.