Top 10 Best Inflatable Car Bed in 2018

Looking for a durable and cozy inflatable car mattress? Indeed, a back seat air mattress is a fun equipment that every car lover must have. It occupies minimal space when not in use. And, inflates in no time to turn your car into a warm bed.

Whether you are on a long journey or heading towards some fun camp or to a beach, it proves to be your wonderful companion.

And while you are planning to buy a perfect air mattress, zonetop10 brings the list of ten best inflatable car beds to buy.

Check out the ten best inflatable car beds in 2018:

10. Car Inflation Bed, Multifunctional Air Bed

10. Car Inflation Bed, Multifunctional Air Bed

Looking for a soft and velvety air bed for your car? Check out this multifunctional air bed. Made from high-quality PVC material it’s sturdy and durable.

The inflation bed is separated in two parts that let you inflate as per your comfort. It takes just two to three minutes to inflate the bed with the electric pump (that comes with the bed). Also you can self-repair the mattress with its repair patch and glue kit.

9. Winterial Back Seat Inflatable Car Camping Travel Mattress

9. Winterial Back Seat Inflatable Car Camping Travel Mattress

Tough from the inside, soft on the outside. Winterial’s inflatable car bed can be your great companion. The mattress comes with two separately inflatable sections. Thus, you can use it either as backseat car mattress or normal flat air bed.

Turn your car into a homey bed on your long drive with this back seat car mattress. It can bear harsh environment condition with its cold resistant and waterproof property.

8. Winterial SUV Heavy-duty Backseat Car Inflatable Travel Mattress

8. Winterial SUV Heavy-duty Backseat Car Inflatable Travel Mattress

Looking for wide area back seat air mattress for your SUV? Check out this large fifty inches wide and seventy inches long mattress from Winterial.

Sleep snugly on this soft and spongy mattress. Designed for fun and comfort it is made from a highly durable material that can bear various tortures over years. Make your outing lively and comfy with this air mattress.

7. Only Mobile Inflation Travel Thicker Back Seat Cushion Air Bed for SUV

7. Only Mobile Inflation Travel Thicker Back Seat Cushion Air Bed for SUV

Designed for larger area and spacious cars like SUV, it’s a super soft and spongy air bed. Take it out of your car and it can be your friendly companion on the beach and adventurous camps.

The mattress is durable and weatherproof. It works well in the temperature range of -13 to 140 Fahrenheit and is waterproof. Running on 12V car compatible input its electric air pump can inflate the mattress in just two minutes.

6. Ancheer Inflatable Car Mattress Car Mobile Cushion Travel Air Bed

6. Ancheer Inflatable Car Mattress Car Mobile Cushion Travel Air Bed

Are you looking for a light and compact back seat mattress for your car? ANCHEER brings one such light yet much durable mattress.

Made from best quality PVC material, it is safer to health and environment-friendly. Its upper surface is lined with feather-like soft material. So, no need to carry extra bed cover.

Get ready to hit the road, and discover the joy of long drive with this back seat mattress.

5. Opar Car Travel Inflatable Mattress Inflatable Bed Camping Back Seat Extended Mattress

5. Opar Car Travel Inflatable Mattress Inflatable Bed Camping Back Seat Extended Mattress

Sleep without any disturbance and noise even while your car is plying on the highway. Thanks to its specially designed material that cuts the vehicle noise and vibration from below.

Crafted out of high-grade PVC material and lined with soft fabric it provides great comfort to you. The complete set up gets ready quickly, without any hassles. Enjoy your outings with friends and family with OPAR car inflatable mattress.

4. FBSport Car Travel Inflatable Mattress Air Bed Cushion Camping Universal SUV Extended Air Couch

4. FBSport Car Travel Inflatable Mattress Air Bed Cushion Camping Universal SUV Extended Air Couch

Coming with an air mattress, a pump, repairing kit, a bag and two inflatable pillows FBSport car travel mattress set is one of the popular air mattresses in the market.

The mattress and base support are separately inflatable. Thus, you can easily use the mattress as normal air mattress either on beach, camp or at home.

The complete mattress is strong and durable. It can bear the harsh conditions and jerks/shocks on the road.

3. SmartSpeed Car Air Mattress Mobile Bedroom for Travel Car Back Seat

3. SmartSpeed Car Air Mattress Mobile Bedroom for Travel Car Back Seat

SmartSpeed introduces to you soft, cozy and durable inflatable car mattress made from PVC material of good quality. It’s convenient to carry and operate. Along, with the mattress, you get an air pump that inflates your mattress automatically. You also get two cute free pillows as a complement to the set.

Make your long journey more intimate and intense with your partner with this affordable car air mattress.

2. Pinty Car SUV Travel Inflatable Mattress

2. Pinty Car SUV Travel Inflatable Mattress

Crafted from high-quality PVC Oxford material, this is a trusted car air mattress from Pinty. Ample layering of soft and velvety fabric on its top surface gives you a warm feeling.

Being resistant to shock, water and moisture it’s much durable. The mattress is easy to store and carrying in carry bag. The mattress comes with two inflatable pillows, two repair pads, and one electric air pump.

The mattress is divided into two parts to be filled with air separately. Thus, you can use it as per your need and wish.

1. Nex Multifunctional Mobile Inflatable Bed Cushion for Sleep Rest

1. Nex Multifunctional Mobile Inflatable Bed Cushion for Sleep Rest

With a capacity to bear up to 300 Kg weight, Nex brings to you non-toxic and environment-friendly inflatable mattress. The mattress fits right into different car models.

It’s light in weight and easy fold-able. The surface of the mattress is soft and velvety in touch. And, it is easier to clean at the same time.

These are some of the highly preferred car air mattresses. You can confidently try them out without any second thought. checkout the below buying guide for  inflatable car bed.

Buying Guide for Inflatable Car Mattress

Why should you invest in a quality mattress?

Provides adequate support

When it comes to good sleep, any lump in the mattress is always hated. A lumpy mattress creates all sorts of the problem starting from posture distortion to back pain. In the case of a properly chosen inflatable mattress, you are free from such a problem. A proper mattress will always have the capacity to equally distribute the air all throughout thus contributing to the smoothness of it without any kind of lumps created. No lump means you are free from rolling out. In this connection, while choosing your inflatable mattress you must check the networking of the internal chambers or air coils which should count above 30 for a queen size bed.

Ease of Setup

After a tiring and hectic day in your travel schedule, you are never in the mood to fight with the setting up of your mattress before going to sleep. When you buy a proper quality mattress ease of setting it comes guaranteed with it. The ease to inflate quickly along with deflating it and to store in small space also matters very much in the case of selecting your mattress. You should also note that a quality mattress allows adjusting the air volume according to the firmness you require.

Deflates to a small footprint

Mostly inflatable mattresses are preferred when you are travelling or mainly for camping. So, while moving you wish to remain freer of luggage and heavy materials. An inflatable mattress understands this very well and is made to provide you less space while carrying. A proper inflatable mattress needs to be easy to carry and it should get deflated properly to occupy less space in your luggage. The feature of being most compact and lightweight while not in use is one that makes it more preferred than any other in the category. So, you should not forget to check out this point in your mattress while choosing one before your trip.

Inflates and deflates without any hassle

The main issue why one decides to buy an inflatable mattress is space crunch. This means the mattress is going to be deflated and kept in a small space when not in use. So, the main feature that decides on this capacity is the easy inflating and deflating of the mattress. A proper high-quality mattress will be easy to inflate and deflate. Mattress also comes with inbuilt pumps that are designed to work fast. It only takes 4 minutes to get completely inflated or deflated for a queen size bed.

These inflatable mattresses come in two options for pumping like electricity and manual. Electricity pumping is better to avoid in case you are purchasing one for travel since you may not get an electricity connection outside while travelling. Here a manual pump helps a lot.

Capacity to hold air throughout the night

When you are buying an inflatable mattress you should keep in mind that it is designed by default to lose some or little air on use throughout the night. This happens to most of such mattresses due to the combination of weight pressure and temperature changes. However you must go for a mattress that reserves the best blow-up facility. This means it is one that blows to the maximum and tends to lose less rather minimum air throughout the night providing you the utmost comfortable sleep even when you are away from home.

Temperature regulation

The one big problem with an inflatable mattress is the temperature difference. This causes the mattress to lose some air and become deflated while sleeping on it. It becomes also difficult to regulate the temperature while sleeping on it. The material behind the manufacturing of most inflatable mattresses is vinyl which is characteristically a non-breathable material. It also traps heat and most people sweat badly while sleeping on it. While in the winter season you are left cold on it. A proper and high standard mattress provides you much less temperature difference and you are also able to overcome problems like automatic deflation and lumpy inflation of the mattress.

Provides solution to your back problems

When you are selecting an inflatable mattress you should keep in mind that it is going to work on your entire back as well as your posture. So, you need to purchase with great care and checking. A properly chosen inflatable mattress provides ample relaxation and solution to most of the back problems especially for those who sleep on their side. A good quality inflatable mattress allows your hip bone and shoulder to sink in thus extending relaxation to the pressure points. This mechanism also provides the back with the much-needed rest by eliminating the pressure coming to the nerves.

Comes with a warranty

An inflatable mattress is not a thing that you would buy frequently since it is not that cheap anyway. So, it is must to buy a proper quality mattress which is going to provide you a quality warranty. A good quality airbed is covered under warranty on both the pump and the material. The warranty coverage is also for a complete year which is a great tension relieving feature while buying such kind of mattresses.


Things you should check while buying an inflatable mattress

When you are spending 7 to 8 hours on your mattress by sleeping on it, you can expect that a sudden back pain is the result of a bad quality inflatable mattress. Instead of falling prey to the advertising traps by various media, you should use your brain along with this buying guide to select the most suitable mattress for your purpose.

Parts of the air bed

The main thing that you need to check while buying an inflatable mattress is its parts. There are two basic parts in such mattresses; the mattress and the pump. You should check for the quality and durability of the vinyl, urethane and PVC, natural rubber or nylon used in the mattress and the velveteen top that covers it. These are the basic elements that are designed to provide you the utmost comfort throughout the night.

You should also note that the chambers of the inflatable mattress are crucial because it inflates and provides firmness and support to the bed while the pump system controls the airflow into the mattress. The firmness or softness of the mattress actually depends on the chambers which should be of high quality.

Sizes available

Your habit to sleep on King or Queen Size beds will remain undisturbed even when you are out from your home since; the inflatable mattresses are also available in all traditional sizes.

Full (Double):   The full or double bed air bed is 54inches wide and 74 inches long.

King:    The king size inflatable mattresses are 76×80” while the height ranges anywhere between 7-25 inches.

California King: The dimension of the California King size inflatable mattress ranges from 72×84” with a height of 20 to 25” varying according to the model.

Queen:  The dimension of a queen size inflatable mattress ranges from 60×80” with a height of 7 to 25 inches.

Twin:  This mattress has a dimension of 38×74” and a height of 7 to 25”.

Twin XL: The height remaining the same as the twin mattress, the width ranges to 38” and 80” long.

How you slept the last night determines the following day. When you have got the complete relaxed sleep your day automatically gets filled with lots of energy and you also get enough enthusiasm to take up more challenges throughout the day.

The main element behind a good sleep is a mattress. Many of us do not pay necessary importance to a mattress which is very crucial in terms of human health.  When you feel relaxed while waking up in the morning, you should understand that it is the mattress that has actually let you so. Hence, buying a proper mattress is utmost necessary.


For different sleeping styles

Whether you are back, side or stomach sleeper the highly versatile character of your inflatable mattress is designed specially to adjust according to your style. Here are some useful tips to check while buying one for you.

For back sleepers, the best it would be if they purchase a mattress that becomes firm on inflation. You need to understand the comfort gap between the firm and plain hard. A firm mattress provides enough resistance to keep your spine straight while you sleep.

For side sleepers, since they occupy the least space as compared to other positions, a less firm mattress can work better in such conditions. A soft bed though not suggested for such sleepers, they can opt for a mattress that gives enough consideration to the natural bumps and curves in a side sleeping position.

Since for stomach sleepers the neck has to move out of the alignment, the mattress should be soft enough to give place to the pillow. For all types of sleepers or combination posture, a firm mattress to support all positions is always the best choice.

Use of the Mattress

Before deciding on your purchase of the inflatable mattress, you need to determine the purpose for which the mattress is going to be used. If it is for increasing your bed height then remember to choose a pillow top air mattress. This is a high-quality product meant for more regular use with reinforced edges. While the PVC mattresses are more suitable for those weekend sojourn as it is less prone to sudden puncture. You should also need to check other features like thick base, waterproof and textured bottom while buying for exterior use.

The mechanism behind inflating the mattress

One most crucial thing that needs utmost consideration while buying an inflatable mattress is the inflating mechanism. It is not like blowing balloons in your kid’s birthday and blowing the mattress up by self is not possible. An additional air pump should be available with the mattress you buy. There are also certain mattresses in the market that has built-in pumps and operates on a single switch.

How big you need

Generally, inflatable mattresses are also available in sizes same as regular ones. Need not worry if you have a habit of sleeping on a particular King, Queen or double bed size, since, all of them are available in inflated ones as well. The thing that you need to consider while purchasing is the edges of the mattress. As sometimes they are not as supportive as traditional ones.


When you are buying an inflatable mattress the main thinking behind it is that you would not be using it on a regular basis and it would be rather kept stored for most of the time. Here comes the question of storage. It is more than impossible to stuff the mattress back to its box after deflating. So, better invest on one that comes with a storage bag. You are sure to get benefitted from it.

Here is a quick checklist handy as last moment guide.


Check for the thickness and go for one that is thicker. The thicker the mattress is the more comfortable will be to sleep on. A mattress with a good width supports your guests not to roll down to the floor easily.


Some extra features are available in today’s inflatable mattress that you should consider before buying. They are like:

Flocked Surface: Need extra warmth and comfort? Try a mattress with flocked surface.

Coil Beam: The inflatable mattresses with coil beam or reinforced construction provides some extra back support.

Two Layers: When you require double support while sleeping this combined style of mattress and box spring is incomparable.

Adjustable: Inflatable mattresses also can be adjusted to fit your sleeping needs. With advancement everywhere, there are some mattresses that come with remote to adjust the firmness even without disturbing your relaxed position.


The information provided in this article should be treated purely as a buying guide under general conditions only. In the case of any special problem related to posture or back, a doctor should be consulted at the first instance before deciding on the purchase.

Don’t delay anymore, add some spices and joy to your tiring and boring long drives with these cool back seat air mattresses.

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